What is ChargeRx

ChargeRx is a mobile phone charging service providing compact, stackable chargers to healthcare facilities. ChargeRx stackable chargers travel with a patient throughout their visit. When finished simply stack the charger on the base-station to recharge…and wait for the next user!

Locations powering their patient experience

Why it matters

Why Admin

To Administrators

A phone is the patient’s lifeline to the world: notify a loved one, pull up a medical record, call for a ride, check Facebook, or read the news. It’s all important, and it’s all impossible if your battery isn’t charged. ChargeRx solves this problem and improves patient experience. It is truly portable power when it matters most.

Why Nurses

To Nurses

ChargeRx is portable, reliable, sanitary, and user-friendly. Now, nurses can focus on delivering healthcare effectively without having to find and manage a charging solution for patients’ electronic devices.

Why Patients

To Patients

ChargeRx is a lifeline. Now, patients can reliably communicate with their loved ones and their doctors without fear of a dying device. They can even entertain themselves during calmer moments.

Shields Healthcare

Case Study at Shields Healthcare Group



Shields Healthcare is a 30+ location MRI/Imaging provider in Massachusetts. They are the official MRI Provider to the New England Patriots and a household name in the Baystate.

Shields agreed to pilot our ChargeRx stackable charger platform in their busiest location (Worcester, MA) for 45 days.



The stage was set: Worcester, MA, 45 days, 3,500 patients, a lot of cell phones, and a lot of opportunities to improve the patients experience. Would patients like ChargeRx? Would they mention it on their customer survey?


Better than other amenities

After 45 days, customers were raving! . Shields prides itself on how well they serve their patients, continually surveying their patients for ways to improve. On these very surveys patients mentioned the ChargeRx stackable charger more than any amenity - not just over those 45 days…..over the last TWO YEARS! A 400% increase.

Administrators at Shields wisely chose to implement ChargeRx at all their locations throughout New England.

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