Small Footprint.  Incredible Design.
Perfect for Urgent Care, Waiting Rooms, Retail Experience, Home Use

What is ChargeRx?

To Administrators

A phone is the patient's lifeline to the world: notify a loved one, pull up a medical record, call for a ride, check Facebook, or read the news. It's all important, and it's impossible if your battery isn't charged. ChargeRx solves this problem and improves your patient experience. It is truly portable power when it matters most.

To Nurses

ChargeRx is portable, reliable, sanitary, and user-friendly. Now, nurses can focus on delivering healthcare effectively without having to find and manage a charging solution for patient's electronic devices.

To Patients

ChargeRx is a lifeline. Now, patients can reliably communicate with their loved ones and their doctors without fear of a dying device. They can even entertain themselves during calmer moments.

How It Works

Press the power button

Pull the cords from the sides

Charge your phone