• What is ChargeRx?

    Great question! ChargeRx is a portable, stackable charger for your cell phone, tablet, e-reader, wireless headphones...really anything that needs a charge!

  • How is ChargeRx different?

    It's a stackable charger for healthcare that moves with patients throughout their stay. Our stackable chargers are lightweight, easy to use, and pretty awesome! It's mobile power, when it matters most.

  • Will it recharge MY device?

    Our stackable chargers are compatible with ALL Apple devices, as well as Android, Kindle, Nook, Samsung (yes! Even those with the fancy fast-chargers)

  • So, how does it work?

    Take a stackable charger from the stack, plug into your device, push power and begin charging.

  • I'm done, now what?

    When you're full, return the device to the base-station to recharge. The ONLY way to recharge the stackable charger is to return it to the base station.