What does ChargeRx Charge?

Phones, Tablets, E-Readers, Kindle, Nook...anything with a USB or Lightning Cable Connector. Additional USB-C, 30-Pin adapters included!

Why Choose ChargeRx?

Over 1,527,000 patients @ 300 locations used ChargeRx so far in 2019 - we are durable, accessible, bolt-on, easy-to-use solution to a serious patient satisfaction problem.

How long does a ChargeRx Dual Device Disc Last?

The ChargeRx DDD has a battery that will last, fully charged for 90 days.

How long does it take to charge my phone?

The Dual-Device Disc will charge your device to 100% in 45-60 minutes.  As fast (if not faster than) a wall-charger.

Why can’t I place my device on top of it to charge…like that fancy commercial?

What you’re referring to (we think…) is induction charging which, while fancy, is wildly inefficient. The best way to charge phones is via a corded solution -- just like the one found on a ChargeRx Dual Device Disc.

How do we know these are clean and safe for patients?

The ChargeRx Dual Device Disc is certified to be cleaned with a 1:100 bleach solution, Cavi + Sani Wipes, anything used in a healthcare setting.  We're industrial grade! (Kid proof too..) We also have launch + care documents for DPH compliance!

How long does it take to re-charge the Disc?

Once you’ve returned the disc to the base station you can assume it will be fully charged in 120-280 minutes.  Don’t worry….there are 10 Dual Device Discs per platform, so you’ll have access to a fully charged DDD should you need it!